Mission Satement

The Mooney Summit was founded to better the breed of the Mooney pilot by type specific education and safety instruction. We annually hold a retreat of FAA safety endorsed programs funded entirely by individual and corporate donations that attract 100 pilots and their spouses in Panama City Beach, Fl. each October. Excess funds above the cost of the event are used by our charitable foundation, The Bill Gilliland foundation, to provide crisis intervention and financial assistance to downed Mooney pilot’s families at the time of their greatest need. Our goals are to make Mooney pilots better stewards of General aviation, safety and increase the family involvement of a safety culture. What better ways to educate pilots on the safety of flight than to provide a relaxing venue where the best educators in their subjects of expertise gather in Panama City Beach and give free seminars to Mooney pilots. It is an event where their family can also come to relax. The Mooney Summit is about "Bettering the Breed", making the best (Mooney) pilots even better.  The Mooney Summit, Inc is a 501(c)3 and no directors, administrators, or speakers are paid. Our work is strictly voluntary which enforces our efforts as a work of love fueled by our passion. Each year we recognize those individuals who selflessly contribute above and beyond for absolutely no personal gain with the "Spirit of the Summit" award. 


Our Executive Team

                   A purpose is only fulfilled when its pursuit is met with passion

The members that make up the Mooney Summit Board are that passion behind the purpose of bettering the breed.  Our desire to further general aviation through knowledge, training, and outreach is what drives us.


Mike Elliott - Director Emeritus- CEO

Mike co-founded the Mooney Summit, Inc. and serves as it's CEO. His passion for flying began at age 15 when his father became a pilot. He is a retired engineer, CEO of Mooney Pros, Inc., CEO of Internet Connection, Inc., an AOPA Support network volunteer, a Master CFI, a LEED AP, and a FAASteam Lead representative. Nationally recognized as one of the best and most sought after Mooney specific CFI's active today, Mike is now dedicated to helping Mooney pilots become the best stewards of Mooney aircraft and pilots they can possibly be. 

'teamwork makes the dream work"


Dr. Ron Dubin - President

Ron Dubin is As an orthopedic Surgeon and an instrument rated pilot with over 3000 hours in Mooney's. As Mooney Summits' co-founder Ron is instrumental in providing facilities in the relaxing venue of Panama City Beach, Fl.  for our use, including a number of his personal Condominiums and beach houses. Ron enjoys running and has competed in 33 full marathons, including the Boston Marathon. He is frequently asked why he owns 3 Mooney's and the real answer is based on a law which mandates we cannot have three wives, but we can have three mistresses.

Bob Kromer small.jpg

Bob Kromer - Industry Relations


Bob Kromer has spent 40 years working at various manufacturers and organizations in the General Aviation industry.  He counts his time associated with the Mooney factory and with Mooney pilots as the absolute best of those years.  Bob has served as the Mooney factory engineering test pilot as well as Mooney's Executive Vice President and General Manager.  He also served the Mooney pilot community as Executive Director of the Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association (MAPA).  Currently, Bob is Sr. VP Engineering and Flight Test at Blackhawk Modifications, Inc. in Waco, Texas, flying Caravans and King Airs.  But his favorite airplanes will always be Mooneys, in which he has approximately 2500 hours in all models except the early Mite and the wood wing M20.  He has the highest admiration, respect and appreciation for Mooney pilots and enthusiasts.  Bob hopes he can in some small way add interesting insights into the marvelous Mooney airplanes we all enjoy.


Ken Yale - ChiEf Financial Officer

  • Resident of Indianapolis

  • Serial investor

  • Proud owner of the first 2016 Ovation


Lee Drumheller has had a passion for aviation ever since watching his father fly F-16’s when he was a young boy. Earning his pilot’s licenses through the Auburn University Aviation Program, Lee has been immersed in general aviation for nearly 10 years. Being a youngster in the industry, he understands the importance of keeping the dream of flight alive in the minds of his and future generations. Lee has amassed a great deal of knowledge on all things Mooney, and is personally vested in keeping the Mooney community at the forefront of general aviation. Raised by an Air Force fighter pilot, Lee was taught to respect flying and understand the importance of safety. Lee is the Regional Sales manager for Premier Aircraft and Principal of Untethered Drone Works, LLC.

Lee Drumheller 25%.jpg

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Seth Meyers - events Co Chairman

Seth Meyers is an aviation enthusiast whose earliest memory is that of gazing skyward. He must have inherited his passion for aviation from his grandfather who flew 42 missions in WWII in the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress. As a young man Seth earned his funds to fly working at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and interning at Boeing. The same week Seth graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA, he earned his PPL. It was a good week. Today Seth has his instrument rating and owns his second Mooney, a 1983 M20J Missile 300. He plans to earn his Commercial, Multi and Taildragger ratings in the near future. Seth resides in Rockville, Maryland a suburb of Washington, DC with his wife Meghan and two young children.  He operates a successful financial advisory practice spanning 14 states concentrating on investments, life insurance, estate planning, alternative and tax advantaged strategies. Seth also manages a growing group of financial advisors in six states. Seth uses the Mooney to travel for business as well as pursue his passion for aviation.