Presidents’ Club

The Mooney Summit, Inc. is pleased to announce the formation of the Presidents’ Club. A tax deductible contribution of $500 or more to the Mooney Summit, Inc., a 501(c)3 charity entitles you to annual membership in this exclusive club of generous Mooney pilots. Members recognize the value of our charitable Bill Gilliland foundation to help downed Mooney Pilots’ families in their time of greatest need with crisis intervention and financial assistance. Over the last 5 years, we have had many generous attendees of the Mooney Summit who have contributed in excess of $500 each year. In some small way, we wish to acknowledge and thank them for this wonderful generosity. Dr. Ron Dubin has made this possible with a new house acquisition just 10 steps from the world class emerald beaches of Panama City!. Ron has decided to give the first six President’s club members each year use of his new beach house for a week during the Mooney Summit. This beautiful facility will sleep 6 couples and has 4 kitchens for your use. Located just 5 miles east of the Origin at Seahaven, you will be close to the Mooney Summit activities yet able to decompress and have some when you need to. This savings of the lodging fees alone makes considering joining the tax deductible Presidents club an attractive proposition, in addition to the President’s club plaque and the resultant donation raffle tickets.

This is just one more deliverable that sets the Mooney Summit as the value proposition leader in make specific educational events! Thanks for your generosity once again, Dr. Dubin!

To become a member of the Presidents' Club, email us at


Past Presidents Club Members

Michael and Summer Salman (2014,2014), Seth Joseph and Kim Brown (2015), Greg and Karen Fischer (2014,2015,2016), Mike and Alice Elliott (2015), Andrew Hyett (2016), Dave and Ruth Taisch (2015,2016)

2017 Presidents Club Members

Robert and Nancy Belville, Joseph and Helen Bergantz, Darrel and Veronica Caldwell, Dusty Emmert, John Fallis, Andrew Hyett, Peyton and Mary Metzel, Ashley and Maria Nesbochick, Amelia and Rob Reiheld, David and Cindi Staffeldt, David and Ruth Taisch, Chuck Taylor, Robert Statius-Muller, David and Tamara Herman, Dr. Steven and Carmelina Busuttil, Zeke Durica & Elizabeth Brincklow, anonymous